I have been using Hugo for a while now, but the publishing process and the deployment setup with S3 was a bit too complicated that I just ended up not really posting anything. I decided to move everything over to Jekyll and simply use GitHub Pages on abdel.me in order to simplify things. I’ll also experiment with importing stories to Medium as well.

In other news, I have recently joined the team at Project AGI to work on artifical general intelligence, so may be posting more about that in the near future but in the mean time check out our blog for interesting articles. I’m also in my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree at UTS.

As part of one the subjects I’m doing this term, I’ll be working with a group to develop an immutable professional journal application using Xamarin, C# and Azure. It will be a cross-platform application using Xamarin.Forms, deployed to iOS and Android. I’ll be opening up the repositories after the project is completed and marked.

I have also been spending time getting into reinforcement learning while working on a literature review on A Distributional Perspective on Reinforcement Learning by Bellemare et al. I’ll try publishing this after marking, and potentially a shorter version will be up on the Project AGI blog later on. Here’s some of the reading I have been doing so far on the topic: